On our bike areas and tours we demand to respect some simple but important rules.
-Trails are NOT reserved for mountain bike but are open to the public, and it is possible to come across other people, especially pedestrians that have precedence on bikers. In these cases it’s necessary to
-ALWAYS slow down and report our arrival with voice, if necessary stop, especially if there are elderly people, children or pets who may be frightened.
-It is also recommended to keep a respectful behavior towards other users of the trails, if they are pedestrians but also other bikers.
-Some trails pass through villages and built up areas, in these cases is compulsory to slow down and ride at a slow pace.
-When riding on roads open to car traffic you must respect highway code.
-Dolomites are Unesco World Heritage and you must show consideration of them without polluting the environment. Fines are expensive for who doesn’t respect our beautiful mountains.


The activity of mountain biking is considered a "High Risk" sport, as it is not possible for this kind of sports to protect themselves from unexpected accident.
Dolomites Heart disclaims any liability for injury or damage sustained by their riders or caused by them to third parties or things, even when accompanied by one of our guides. Each rider is responsible for himself and his equipment and the damage it can cause to others.
The cost of the packages will always include an insurance that cover the bill of a possible recovery from injures in the mountains or remote areas, where it is necessary the intervention of mountain rescue teams or helicopters.


For a mountain bike rider is fundamental to have proper and safe equipment , we recommend to check out your bike before departure.
In many cases the descents are long and steep ,so is greatly recommended to have good brakes.
The helmet is mandatory and we recommend to wear full finger gloves, knee protectors and back protectors,because the rocks of some paths are really sharp.
Remember to always carry in your backpack basic tools for your bike as inner tubes ,patches, pump, multitool etc..
On the mountains at high altitude the weather can change quickly, in addition to consulting the weather forecast is essential to wear appropriate clothing ,and carry a rain jacket or other equipment that can stand foul weather.
Although on long tours and bike area there are places where to eat and drink, we recommend to carry a
bottle or an hydration pack filled with sufficient liquid to your needs.


Mountain bike is a sport that must not be done without preparation, we recommend you to have a good ability in bike handling, a reasonable level of fitness and, above all, a very good knowledge of your limits, go beyond them in most cases means getting hurt.
Dolomites Heart cleans and makes rideable many trails but is not the owner or the entity in charge of them. Trails may be modified and ruined by the effects of the weather. A recognition at a slow pace must be a common rule for a good mountain biker, obviously the guides of Dolomites Heart can help you , and in any case to be careful never hurts.